Avoid 5 Most Common Fitness Injuries By Exercising Correctly

A very ‘warmed-up’ welcome to the all the fitness enthusiasts at the gym, the court, or even the field.

You’ve all come a long way from sprawling on the couch to standing on your feet, upside-down, or in any other fancy position, practicing your fitness routine. Congratulations, again!

Now that you’ve completed challenge one, i.e, keeping regular with your fitness activity, an all-new challenge is here for you – Escaping fitness injuries.

These lurk around the corner while you try hard to keep your life under control with a regular schedule. But ‘life’s a witch.’ It gives you lemons with a shot of fitness injury to ‘fudge up’ your routine, just to keep the chaos coming.

So what will you do? Fight or flight…
Fight. Always fight!

How to avoid 5 most common fitness injuries by exercising correctly:


1. Ankle Sprain:

Ankle sprains are the most common injuries. Anyone active can have them.

The ankle is the joint made for moving and no matter how intense your workout is, from walking on a bad road to making a rebound in a basketball match, ankle sprains can attack anyone anytime.

The best way to keep your ankles grooving is to strength train and balance train during warm up and add it into your training sessions.

2. Groin & Inner Thigh Sprain:


Pain near your private parts can be very unsettling in every possible way.

While you can do nothing more than use compression for a few days combined with proper rest, the inner thigh strains are usually caused by sudden or overdone stretches of the muscles. Do your squats without hurry. Focus on doing them steadily. Strengthen your thigh muscles before straining them to avoid such injuries.

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3. Lumbar Strains or Lower Back Strains:


From pole vaulting to running household errands, you probably won’t even need a fitness drill to hurt your lower back.

It is a common injury that is caused by straining the lower spine muscles from a sudden twisting or bending action, lifting more weight than you can handle, or stretching beyond your natural ability.

These injuries can be avoided by working on a stable core. Do planks and other spinal drills to keep your lower back in A1 condition.


4. Whiplash or Neck Strain:


A strained neck can change the way you look at things, literally.

These strains are the most common with the corporate crowd due to the long hours spent staring at screens via a slouched posture. Weak trapezius muscles make your neck more susceptible to neck injuries as they are meant to support it.

Always stretch and warm up the neck before lifting weights. Sit in an upright posture consciously while at the office or using a device.

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5. Knee injuries:


You don’t need to be a grandparent to walk like one. A knee injury can make you do it.

The anatomy of your knee consists of bones, cartilage, ligaments & tendons. Cartilage tissue cushions the bones, helping ligaments slide easily over the bones. If you tear the ligament, run out of cartilage, or have a broken tendon, you have a serious knee injury. These injuries largely are a result of stressing the joint with excessive, unnatural movement.

This can be avoided if your leg muscles are strong and able to share the stress of impact with your knee. Keep your knees flexible with regular stretching exercises and wear right shoes and soles for your fitness activity. A good intake of Calcium & Omega 3 in your diet are also recommended.

Injuries, however, can sometimes outplay you. After all, it’s all part of the game!

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