If Broken, Consider It Fixed!

We all know the feeling. We’re trying to carry one too many things, you feel one thing slip out of your hands, your eyes widen and pupils dilate as you realize What. That. Thing. Was. Time slows, your mouth opens to a Nooo (like in movies, indulge us, okay!) and your phone, your precious phone, falls to the concrete with a Crash. Cue, beautiful visual of slow-motion impact and prolonged crash sounds. And your heart sinks. 


Rewind. Quickly. It doesn’t have to be so stressful, there are ways you can prevent all that drama. The stress we mean, not the phone crashing, we’re not Gods. 


So here we are with Three Things You Can Do to Avoid the Stress of a Broken Screen. Subtitled: If Broken, Consider It Fixed. 


  1. Alright, this was actually something you should have done in the past, before the phone slipped. In fact, right at the time you bought the phone. You bought Screen Insurance, didn’t you? Wait, didn’t you! This is a great time to time-travel back to your former self at the time of purchasing the phone and give yourself a little note, a pat and a wink. Okay the pat and wink would freak yourself out, but our point here is that insurance is ALWAYS a good thing when you have a precious possession that you may lose or break. (Note: a ridiculous padded phone case is also a form of insurance, but we’re assuming you don’t have that, or you probably wouldn’t be reading this blog in the first place). 


So you found your insurance confirmation email (in industry-speak, it’s called a policy document, but you have to say that in a deep voice, adjust your dark glasses and straighten your black suit). A quick call and someone will be at your door to pick up your phone, take it for repairs, and get it back to you. It’s that easy. 


2. The second option, if you don’t have insurance, is to fix it yourself. Go for it. You do have a hot glue gun and compressed air don’t you (and we say this with a smirk). Or toothpaste? Baking soda. There’s a lot of websites that will help you fix a broken screen. But a note of caution – just because Dhruv the Science Guy is telling you it’s easy, doesn’t always make it so. If your screen is damaged, it’s straightforward (for a trained mechanic) to fix and replace. If the LCD screen underneath gets damaged from your attempts to fix it, the phone’s gone. And that’s pretty stressful. Which is what we were trying to avoid in the first place. 


3. Let it go. You were eyeing the upgrade anyhow, right? Sometimes things happen for the best, beta, look at the bright side, indulge in some positivity. It’s just money, isn’t it? Anyhow, since you seem to be privileged enough to take option 3, remember – getting insured on your next phone is STILL a great idea! 


We hope that this was convincing enough to make you buy an insurance! If yes, then let us assist you further. If no, then we request you to give us chance and talk to us because we want the BEST for you! Tring trying +91 9389938938

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