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Household Insurance (TATA AIG), to meet your insurance needs.

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Toffee is making insurance sweeter.

Simple, hassle-free process

Instead of looking for different insurance policies, with Toffee you can buy Life, Health and Household.
(Thank. You. Universe.)

All-inclusive & flexible coverage

Get end-to-end coverage in easy, simple steps across health, life and household depending on your needs. Payments are in easy, monthly instalments and insure everyone from a single person to a family of 4.

Zero paperwork

Toffee is an online platform that is completely paperless, flexible to your needs and easy-peasy to buy. Ta-da!

Superfast sign-up

Nobody wants to spend hours buying insurance (groan!). So we’ve made signing-up super quick. Toffee is completely online and easy to understand. Try us.

Someone you can trust

Toffee is working with some of the most trusted names in the insurance industry such as Tata AIG, Religare, IndiaFirst, ICICI Prudential and HDFC Ergo.

Customised monthly payments

Big fat bills? Not us. Enjoy the convenience of easy monthly payments that cut down your insurance expenses in small bite-sized amounts. You can start, renew and stop when you like or adjust your plan and payments as per your needs.

People everywhere love Toffee

Commonly Asked Questions

  • OK, again, what is Toffee?

    Toffee is a brand owned by Design For Use Consulting Pvt. Ltd., which is a licenced corporate agent allowed to sell insurance policies of 9 different insurance providers. With just one plan, you get protected for your Health (TATA AIG), Life (INDIA FIRST), Household (TATA AIG) expenses and much more.

  • You can simply pick all three insurances, Health (TATA AIG), Life (INDIA FIRST), Household (TATA AIG) and insure yourself or add as many as 4 family members in the Health Insurance. Easy, monthly payments give you peace of mind and secure you and your family’s future.

    So when it comes to health - should you or a family member fall sick or needs hospitalisation, day care or home treatment, your expenses will be covered by the selected insurance provider for up to 5 Lakhs (for whole family). You can also avail cashless facility in our network of over 6000+ hospitals across the country, which is hassle-free, convenient and saves you a ton of time.

    Similarly, in Household Insurance, you get covered for theft, damage or loss of your personal belongings for up to 5 Lakhs and repair for mechanical or electrical home appliances like fridge, AC, oven microwave and air cooler for up to 1.25 Lakhs.

    And lastly, you secure your family’s future in safe hands with Life Insurance that covers a sum of upto 75 Lakhs in case of permanent disability or death.

    That’s it. No fuss, no hassle, just Toffee.

  • Great question! You did what felt right for your health and life needs then. Also, life insurance from work typically doesn’t offer you the kind of coverage that can take care of your loved ones’ and your responsibilities toward them once you’re gone. Lucky for you, things have become simpler, convenient and hassle-free with Toffee, which not only pays great cover under Life and Household (Home Appliances & Theft/damage) but in your worst case scenario, covers COVID-19 hospitalisation expenses under Health Insurance as well.

  • Glad you asked that. Yes, the Health Insurance covers all your hospitalisation expenses for COVID- 19, if tested positive. This coverage is not limited to just the current coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak but extends to other diseases as well. For a more detailed list of all the diagnoses covered, click here

  • A Household Insurance policy basically offers protection for your home and your household items against a variety of risks. These risks could be in the form of loss, theft or damage to the property, valuables as well as the appliances like ACs, fridges, washing machine, etc. covered under it.

    For more details on the benefits under the plan, just see the coverage inclusions here.

  • Yes, you are still eligible to buy Health Insurance. To know more give Toffee a call on +91-93-89-93-89-38 and we’d walk you through all checks that are needed.

    Depending upon your situation, we may need a medical report or check-up before the Health Insurance Plan can be issued to you. However, typically, a special pre-existing condition is never a deterrent in buying the policy, except in some cases which our team would be happy to address over a personalised call.

  • That’s a great question! The medical checks typically are required when you’re either above 40 or have a pre-existing condition(s).

    For the rest under-40 with no chronic health condition, there is no medical check-up required, whether you decide to include your family under your Health Insurance.

  • Toffee looks out for you, if in case you miss your 1 month payment or are unable to do so. The payment Toffee makes on your behalf is easily adjusted in your next monthly cycle, so your payments keep going without causing you any inconvenience.

  • As many as you’d need, as long as you don’t exhaust your cover. For all your health and household claims, you are covered for upto 5 Lakhs and you can file any number of claims (as long as you keep renewing your policy) as long as you are still not over your coverage limit.

    In case of Life Insurance, you get an overall coverage upto 75 Lakhs that your family can claim in case of your death or diagnosis for a terminal illness.

  • Nobody likes to think about death but if it does happen, isn’t it good (and important) to leave something behind for your family? Besides, Life Insurance is an important aspect of financial planning especially when you support a partner, children or ageing parents. In addition to providing monetary support for everyday living expenses after your death, your family needs insurance to cover any outstanding debts, like mortgages, credit cards and car loans. It also enables you to add a blanket of financial security in the lives of your children with aids for their higher education, marriage or independent business ventures. Simply put, life insurance is a good idea for anyone who doesn't want to leave their family burdened financially.

  • You should. Your life matters, for you as well as people in your family who care about you, and whose lives are dependent on you.

    With life insurance, you can make sure that even when you are not around, your children, your partner/parents are looked after and don’t have to compromise on their future lifestyle and education needs.

    As a thumb rule, your life insurance coverage should pay out 10 times your annual income (if you’re the single earner in your family) and at least 5 times your annual income (in case your spouse/family members are also working).

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