3 Super Important Pedaling Tips

We’re almost at the dawn of springtime and God knows there is no better weather to go pedaling!


While some of us are dusting our bikes for the spring rides, the others are planning on a new one this year. Either ways, experienced or new, every cyclist needs to keep a few important things in mind before they go pedaling.

3 Super Important Pedaling Tips:

Not just from a safety point of view but also from the perspective of maintaining your beloved bike!


1. Wear a Helmet, Wear Elbow Pads, Wear Knee Pads.



Bicycle helmets always recommended. A bicycle helmet is different from skateboarding and skating helmets.

To protect your forehead, your bicycle helmet sits level on your head (not tilted back), with its front edge 1 inch or less above your eyebrows. Get a good shop or safety expert to help you choose a helmet with a good fit.

Strap on your helmet comfortably, forming a V under each ear.

2. Have a Look. Be Visible. And Be Audible.

“Failure to Look Properly” by driver or rider is cited as the most common cause of accidents  recorded by police.”
Wear bright colours, use bright lights, reflective gear wherever possible. Ring the bell when passing close to cars. Show your intentions to turn early and make sure they are seen. Be especially careful around trucks or buses – around one-quarter of accidents resulting in serious injury involves a truck or bus passing too close to a rider

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3. Important Habit: Check 5 Bike Parts Before Every Trip.

Brakes – Make sure they’re working,
Lights – Make sure you can be seen,
Wheels – Make sure wheels are straight and securely attached,
Tyres – Make sure tyres are inflated properly, and
Loose clothing/laces – Make sure they don’t get caught in spokes, pedals, gears.


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We hope these tips will be super handy for your pedaling sessions. Feel free to forward them to someone who would appreciate the thought. Making friends to go pedaling with is another important thing to have if you like some company.

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