Fitness Hacks To Stay In Shape This Winter Season

If you think that winters are just another season to survive, then “You know nothing, Jon Snow”.

According to a Johns Hopkins University report, people tend to gain five to seven pounds (2-3 kgs) on average during the winter months.

Indeed, the vacation mood and holiday food are a tough pass. So, we have a few fitness hacks for this winter season that can help you have the best of both the worlds… with a pinch of Game of Thrones.

After all . . .

The winter is coming!

Choose Your Activity

Find out which activity compliments your interests and current fitness level. This will keep you motivated and able to maintain a routine.

And though it’s totally legit to say ‘not today’ to the god of death, don’t pull that one on your fitness instructor!

Layer Up

Dress in layers when you step out. This gives you the convenience to take off your gear, layer by layer, as your body temperature changes.

Also, it’s proven beyond doubt now, since the last season, that just one wall is not enough protection.

Wear Pollution Masks

While the pollution levels reach their peak every winter in north India, it’s only for the best that you wear pollution masks while going out for any physical activity.

They might not be as cool as Arya Stark’s “God of many faces” trick, but they’re surely effective!

Stay Hydrated

Winter chills can leave you high and dry without you even realizing it. This can badly affect your fitness routine or worse, lead to kidney stones over a period of time.

After all, wise little Tyrion Lannister says it best, “I drink and I know things.”

Cut Back Carbs

Part of loving the winter season is the love for sweets that are made in winter. This, mixed with reduced activity in winter, can be a blunder! Be mindful of your calorie intake and avoid carbs. Winter also brings leafy seasonal vegetables that can be cooked or juiced.

It’s the secret ingredient behind the good looks and physique of the Starks!

Get Some Sunlight 

Scientists from the University of Alberta, Canada say that fat cells beneath our skin are sensitive to sunlight, causing them to shrink on exposure to sun’s blue light. Get under the sun to avoid gaining those extra kilos.

Hence proved! Melisandre (The Red Woman) was right about the powers of the Lord of light.

If you have other enlightening hacks, put them in comments! Meanwhile, share these with a GoT fan who will get this.

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