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  • What’s a Toffee?

    A Toffee is an insurance policy that is just right for you, just in time. We’ve made it simple, digital, and fast. You look at your lifestyle, pick a Toffee based on the risks you live with, and we cover them for you. Nothing more, nothing less.

  • Why Would I Need a Toffee?

    You work hard to make your money. Getting a Toffee will take you a long way towards protecting your savings. If something happens to you, say an accident or an injury, the hospital bills add up. That’s where we come in. You live your life, we do the worrying. .

  • How Does Toffee Work?

    We work with major insurance providers to create policies that meet your needs. Each policy is underwritten by an insurance heavyweight, and is fairly comprehensive so that your risks will be covered.

  • How’s Toffee Different from other Insurance?

    We take the headache out of insurance. No weighing deductibles versus premiums, no filling out long forms, no stuffy dealings, no wading through terminology. Since we’ve taken a lot of the complications out, your purchase time is minimal. Claims are greatly simplified too - most will be approved within two hours and the process is straightforward. Our philosophy - if things get faster and easier, we all benefit.

  • Can I Buy a Toffee? Am I Eligible?

    Our Toffees are tailored to match an individual's lifestyle and each has a few exclusions. However, they're quite straightforward such as not covering pre-existing conditions. We'll let you know all the details on a given Toffee during the purchasing process.

  • Who Provides the Insurance?

    We are working with major insurance providers - Apollo Munich, HDFC Ergo and Future Generali - to tailor specific Toffee Policies for you.

  • How Do I Contact You?

    Send us an email at or call us at +91-124-401-9737

  • How Do I Know What My Toffee Covers?

    You can see the summary of benefits for each Toffee and look up details during the buying process. Upon purchase, we’ll send you a Toffee Card, Cover Note and a detailed Policy Document within 2 hours of purchase.

  • This is Great. Can I add Friends/Family/Significant Others to my Policy?

    Not yet, sorry. In the meantime, separate policies may be purchased for close family and employees.

Claim Questions? Look here

Can’t find an answer? Call us at +91-8690383365 or email us at

  • How Do I File a Claim?

    There’s a Claim button at the top of the landing page. Click on it and we’ll walk you through the process. For Cashless, please refer to the insurance policy document sent to you on email. Here are the links for the network of hospitals that accept cashless payments:

    Apollo Munich:
    HDFC Ergo:
    Future Generali:

  • What do I need for a Claim?

    We typically need Aadhar, medical report, medical bills, diagnostic bills, and prescriptions for medical claims. For loss or theft-related claims, we may need ownership receipts, police FIR and airline report.

  • How Soon Can I Expect to Receive the Money?

    Simple claims, for example OPD or small amounts, will be approved within two hours and money settled in 24 hours. Complex claims like theft or accidents will take longer. We’ll be there to help you get the money as soon as possible, within 3-5 working days.

  • How Will I Get Paid for a Claim?

    After you upload claim-related documents on Toffee, we will approve the claim within 2 hours (for most claims). You will then be asked for your bank account details. The insurance provider will transfer payment directly to your account.