Why Buy Travel Insurance Before You Go Abroad?

Simply because you can’t buy one After!

And mind you, there will come a time

you wish you did…

Whether you’re a first-time overseas traveler or one holding great experience at it, there is always a voice in your heads asking, ‘Why buy travel insurance, it’s so rare for something to go wrong…’

Imagine you’re hiking deep in the heart of Africa. A day later you realize you’re running a fever which might just turn out to be dengue fever. This ends up costing you a week of uninsured hospitalisation stay in a foreign country. How do you plan to pay it off considering the travel budget did not cover this unforeseen event?

Or imagine opening your eyes and finding out you’re being evacuated out of a tiny island in the middle of the South Pacific because of broken bones after it got wild at the party…

An international travel insurance cover would’ve come handy right? But can you get one then?

Nope, sorry, can’t buy travel insurance after traveling!

We’ve all heard some crazy adventurous stories. Avid travelers live off these glorious tales.  After all, they make for a fairly spellbinding tale-telling, to wow our friends with later.

But here is the part no one ever tells…

Does anyone ever mention how much these little episodes cost? (Let’s just say, if they didn’t buy insurance then, they’re probably still paying off debt.)

Everyone shares the gorgeous photos of Thailand, the nightlife, the food. But did they ever tell you that if you’re hospitalised in Thailand, it will cost upward of US $500 per day? In a mediocre hospital, that is. And you don’t want to be in a mediocre hospital.

Did anyone tell you that a helicopter evacuation costs about US $25,000?

No? Well, it does!

So if you have friends who are country-hopping, doing the #30CountriesUnder30 Challenge (and can’t stop talking about it), share this article with them too. There’s a possibility they’ll be grateful they bought the insurance. And if they do, they’ll be indebted to you forever for sharing this. (Or maybe, even do your laundry for a year. That’ll be pretty cool!)

Here at Toffee, we don’t just sell insurance for your travel abroad, but we do more than that.
The following makes us more than just your insurance provider:
  • We pick the policy that gets you the best coverage (no decision fatigue),
  • Reduce your buying time to next to nothing (so you can get back to packing),
  • Make the whole process of buying insurance pleasurable (less pleasure please, said no one ever),
  • And we make claims straightforward, entirely digital, and fast (a delicacy really.)
Why buy travel insurance
Toffee’s International Travel Policy

Check out our International Travel Policy!

  • Pay according to your trip duration
  • Valid globally
  • No hidden charges
  • Environment-friendly with no paperwork or trips to an establishment

So get one for your work or holiday travel abroad in just 90 seconds. Travel freely, which is just the right state of mind to travel with.

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