Travel Safety Tips While Using Public Transport

How was your commute to work today? 

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For obvious reasons, no one in India is fond of the time they spend on the roads, especially while using public transport. The cherry on top is people’s driving sense. Given how news is getting scarier every passing day, we thought it’d be best to give a few helpful travel safety tips while using public transport to work or college.


Be it the badass busses, the trippy auto-rickshaws or the F1 cabbies, every mode of transport comes with a set of safety issues that just can’t be ignored. After all, even if you are not behind the wheel, you’re in the vehicle!

Safety Travel Tips While Using Public Transport
Travel Safety Tips While Traveling With Many
  • Pickpockets lookout for distracted people. Keeping your junk in the trunk is the mantra here. Be packed and prepared with payable change or the pass you need to give before getting on the ride.  This way you don’t have to show anything in your bag to anyone.
  • Don’t get involved in other people’s arguments. Many pickpockets stage these as a distraction. Before you realize your wallet is missing and relate it back to how meaningless the argument was, it’s already too late!
  • Know where and how to use the emergency evacuation in the mode of travel you take. Refer to videos online to have a general idea of the process and look around while traveling to get a sense of your surroundings.
  • As much as it’s advised against taking public transport at odd hours, be mindful to not wait around the empty station at those hours. If you are not sure about the timing of the next bus or train, it is better to take a private cab or auto. Ask someone known to accompany you until your ride arrives. This advice isn’t exclusive to women. Keep machismo aside and safety first.
Safety Travel Tips While Using Public Transport
Travel Safety Tips While Traveling With Few
  • Look around. Be aware. No crook ever has it written on their forehead. You don’t need to be paranoid, but don’t completely drop your guard to friendly-looking faces.
  • Avoid giving away your name and other personal information. While on a call, avoid being too specific about such things. You never know who overhears that information and what they use it for.
  • Check for child-locks before entering the cab. Do this irrespective of if it’s a shared or private cab. As the driver notices you check, it makes him aware that you are vigilant.
Safety Travel Tips While Using Public Transport
Travel Safety Tips While Traveling Alone
  • Trust your instincts. If it doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t. Don’t second guess your safety and take an early stop at a crowded place that you’re familiar with.
  • Keep your emergency contacts informed before and after reaching the destination. Give them a ballpark figure of when to expect to hear from you. It might sound a bit much for an independent person, but if you’re keeping up with the news, you know that these things can happen to anyone.
  • Pepper spray is the secret ingredient. It is non-lethal and absolutely legal in all of India.
  • Ask the name of the driver on call before the pickup. Ask it again before entering the cab. This way you can be sure it’s not the wrong people, lurking around the corner.


All the travel safety tips while using public transport are precautionary measures within your control.

Fate however isn’t.

Safety Travel Tips While Using Public Transport

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