How To Avoid Bag Theft

There is bag theft, There has always been bag theft, and

There will always be bag theft.

Remember: thieves want easy pickings. Don’t be easy pickings.

Make it tough for them to steal your bag, and they’ll leave you alone. 

Until we reach new-age crazy-sci-fi mind-reading theft-predicting technologies, here are a few hacks that will make your bag and it’s precious contents fairly theft-proof.

1. Crossbody Straps:

Wearing a thick-strapped bag across your body, holding the bag in front where you can see it, with one hand on it at all times, makes it tough to pull off a tug-and-run incident. When in the metro, having the bag in front of your body also protects it from the slashers and the dippers. Creepy, yet?

Nothing makes skin crawl as much as the thought of standing in a queue all day waiting to get new ID cards made – save yourself the trouble with this smart hack.

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2. Zip and Lock:

Heard of the Dip-and-Lift technique? When bags are unzipped or easy to open, this is a fairly easy trick used by crooks. What makes it particularly effective is that the crook can get away without having to carry a bag, and you won’t even know that anything is missing for a while.

What can you do? It can be avoided with the Crossbody straps hack above, but also watch for the “excuse me, could you tell me what time it is?” distraction. These crooks work best in pairs.

3. Keep it in Sight, Silly:

Remember what you did last time you met friends at a bar? Hung your bag on the back of the chair, slipped it on the floor next to, or under the table? Not in sight means it’s fairly open to being picked up. The modus operandi for bags on the floor is to kick them out of place while passing you, and once they’re in a spot where they are not in your line of sight, the crooks can easily pick up the bag casually and walk off.

The easy hack here: tether it with the straps or buckles to the chair so no one can pull it off easily.

Or, you can just get insurance for the bag! 

Wildcraft has partnered with Toffee Insurance for insuring all their backpacks costing above Rs.1299/- purchased at all Wildcraft Exclusive Brand Outlets.


So take the load of backpack theft, off your back!

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