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What Would Present-Day Ramayana Look Like?

We’ve all heard the epic Ramayana which shows us how good trumps evil, light overshadows darkness, and karma is a (you know what)!

This festive season, we wanted to see how this tale would take shape in the present day scenario?

Present-Day Ramayana,

With A Millennial Twist!

Let’s take, for instance…

The time when Raavan got ‘naughty’ and decided to fly Sita overseas, against her will.

What did Raavan do when Sita was dropping her jewelry, hoping to be found?

Or that time,

When Hanuman went to fetch the ‘Sanjeevani Booti’ from the Himalayas for dear Laxman, who was fatally injured in the battle.

What was it like for Hanuman to grow humungous-ly and uproot the mountain?

Here, Google it!

And lastly,

The time when Ram and Sita were homecoming post all the epic drama (quite literally)…

What was that journey like? Did Ram make it up to Sita?

What we do know is that Ram, Sita, and Hanuman were chilled-out even in bad situations, thanks to their sweet and simple Toffee Insurances.

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