Our research shows that you can save a lot of money by consciously choosing the right coverage for your travel insurance. You need to ensure that there are no surprises and painfully high costs against which you thought you were insured. In order to prevent too little (but also too much) coverage on your travel […]

Is it necessary to trim your dog’s nails? Yes. If the nails get too long, there will be a constant pressure on the dog’s feet and paws and this can result in a painful position of the feet. It’s wise to trim the nails in time. Nails that are too long are painful to walk on and […]

That itch to travel. We had suppressed it for so long with the lockdowns and restrictions. Now all of us, especially millennials, are bouncing back, scratching that itch, taking frequent trips to destinations around the globe. Travelling abroad for work, a casual get-away with family or an adventure trip with friends, bursts of spontaneity are […]

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