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5 Things You Can’t Afford To Miss On Your International Travel!

That itch to travel. We had suppressed it for so long with the lockdowns and restrictions. Now all of us, especially millennials, are bouncing back, scratching that itch, taking frequent trips to destinations around the globe. Travelling abroad for work, a casual get-away with family or an adventure trip with friends, bursts of spontaneity are getting us all to take to the skies again. Last minute travel plans are great, but to prevent last minute regrets, we highly recommend maintaining a checklist. Be prepared, as scouts say. You never know when your trip may turn sour – if the baggage is lost, a flight gets cancelled or (heavens forbid) you fall seriously sick. 

Here are the 5 things you should check while preparing for an international trip:

1.        Multi-currency/Forex App Wallet 

Carrying loads of foreign currency while travelling is not safe. The charges incurred for conversion can also be quite high on the pocket. The best way to handle this cost is an international currency forex wallet for cross-border payments without any extra fee for overseas transaction. 

A multi-currency mobile wallet, lets users pay in more than 150 currencies overseas for shopping online without incurring any currency conversion or transaction fees. Also, there is no additional fee charged for currency exchange at banks or money changers, as well as online currency conversion.  

2.       International Roaming Packs  

The existing cellular plan doesn’t work overseas so you will be charged much higher rates every time you make a call or even send a text. Apply/Activate an international roaming pack to save several hundred dollars. 

All the leading cellular operators Airtel, Vodafone, Reliance Jio gives you the freedom to use your mobile phone anywhere outside India by offering a comprehensive range of affordable international roaming services and plans. 

3.       Portable Wi-fi Hotspot  

Instead of struggling with wi-fi signals, just get a portable wi-fi for the entire family to use! You may opt for the Skyroam Solis which is a portable Wi-Fi hotspot that works in over 110 countries. It is incredibly simple to use – just power up the hotspot, connect your phone and computer to it! One can purchase day passes for 24 hours of unlimited 4G data. Up to five devices can be connected at a time to the Solis. Its ability to cover extensive data needs instantly makes it one of the most well-loved and hassle-free gadgets to use. 

4.       Travel Converter & Adapter 

The common issue that people face on an international trip is the use of electrical appliances. In UK and few other European countries, the plug adapter used is of a three-pin rectangular electrical socket. Since people travelling from India have different pin devices, one may need a transformer or a converter.  

The plug adapter can be placed onto the appliance plug so that all the electronic gadgets like mobile phones, cameras and others can be charged without any hassle. 

5.          International Travel Insurance 

Most travellers pre-book airline and hotel tickets. A lot can happen between the booking and the travel. With flight delays, loss of baggage, passport theft or personal accident, your trip may turn into a nightmare. You don’t have to worry about expenses adding up if you’re covered with a sound insurance policy for your trip! An International Travel Insurance policy will cover your medical treatment in case of personal accident, compensate expenses for loss of passport, loss of baggage, flight delay and much more while travelling. 

Toffee Insurance has crafted a comprehensive travel insurance policy keeping in the mind your international travel needs – get in touch with the Toffee team at +91  9389 9389 38 to know more.


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