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Travel Insurance Checklist – Tips on Choosing the Right Cover

Our research shows that you can save a lot of money by consciously choosing the right coverage for your travel insurance. You need to ensure that there are no surprises and painfully high costs against which you thought you were insured. In order to prevent too little (but also too much) coverage on your travel insurance, we have made a checklist. Take a look at our handy 11 tips. 

  1. Continuous or short-term
    Are you going on a holiday with the family for 2 weeks or longer? If more than 2 weeks, then a continuous insurance policy will be cheaper. It becomes even more advantageous if you repeat a travel plan within one or two weeks – you do not pay for the policy again and again!
  2. Europe or World
    With the Europe coverage for travel insurance, the coverage also includes several non-European countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea. This means that Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Libya, Egypt, Israel, Lebanon and Asian Turkey are also covered.
  3. Duration of coverage
    Are you going on a long trip? Then check your travel insurance. The cover is usually for a trip of a maximum of 4-6 consecutive weeks. Anything greater than that, and you would have to opt for a Long Stay travel insurance policy.
  4. Medical costs outside your health insurance
    If you have an additional health insurance that also fully reimburses the medical costs outside the country, you do not need to worry. Does your health insurance cover overseas travel? If not, then it would be better to not take any risks. The basic insurance does not cover more than the rate that the treatment would cost in other countries.
  5. Need winter sports coverage?
    Are you going on a ski trip, to play winter sports? With this cover, your skis, equipment and lift pass are also covered. Always insure the medical costs when you go on winter sports. In that case, all medical costs due to an accident, including the cost for transport from the slopes, are also covered.
  6. Dangerous sports
    Are you going on an active holiday? In that case, it is possible that you are going to practice a dangerous sport. You are not insured for this if you do not specifically insure this option. Dangerous sports include rafting, canyoning, paragliding, diving and mountaineering.
  7. Driver assistance
    Are you going on holiday by car? Then it is nice if your holiday is not ruined if the car unexpectedly stops working. Do you already have roadside assistance with any International car provider? Then you do not have to arrange this through your travel insurance. Even if you have a new car up to 15 years old, the dealer often still has roadside assistance.
  8. Accident
    Consider whether you find this coverage necessary. This gives you a one-off payment in the event of permanent disability or death due to an accident. Contrary to what the name suggests, you will receive assistance in the event of an accident with basic travel insurance.
  9. Study / internship / work
    Are you going on holiday alone? Perhaps also work, study or do an internship? Keep in mind that the travel insurance is not intended for that and therefore does not always provide coverage. So always consult your insurer in advance if you are not going on a holiday only. Also read our article: Summer job abroad? Tips to insure yourself for medical expenses .
  10. Cancellation
    If something goes wrong after you’ve booked travel, it would be a shame to lose some or all your money if you have to cancel. The cancellation insurance reimburses those costs if you have to cancel your trip due to illness or death of, for example, close family. Also in some cases other reasons such as complications during pregnancy, unemployment, pandemic, etc. are also considered.
  11. Compare travel insurance
    Even if you chose the right cover, there are huge differences in the premiums for travel insurances. Always make a comparison before you purchase your travel insurance! You can save some extra holiday budget with a bit of research.


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