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The Strange Case Of Zodiac Signs & Insurance

Zodiac signs freakishly summarise our personalities. That’s why we just can’t stop obsessing over them. From reading daily horoscope to finding our love match, we often casually consult and take decisions based on zodiac forecasts.

So let’s find out which bite-sized insurance would your zodiac sign need and why?

Insurance That Matches Your Zodiac Sign


Virgos love their nests. Moreover, they love to find things where and how they left them.


Music, books, and intellectual conversations are the 3 things that make Geminis happy. This makes home their happy place.


Art and music is the Piscean way of escaping worldly sorrows. Their burrow is their safe haven.

The Home Renter Insurance covers their beloved possessions at their apartments like an Xbox, Laptop, Speakers, etc., from theft, fire, and accidental damages.


Often the ones to say, “Let’s do something crazy today!”, a tranquilizer doze can sometimes save them from themselves.


Competition gets their adrenaline flowing like nothing else. There is never a friendly match. It’s all about competition.


“Can’t flaunt it, why want it?” A Leo is never part of the crowd. They’re always, always the show stoppers.

The Fitness Insurance will cover for accidental injuries incurred while playing sports or sweating out at the gym.  Clearly advised for strong-headed people who can’t deal with normality.


Mix the guts of a daredevil with the curiosity of a cat and, tadaaa… You get a Saggitarius. Now, good luck keeping up with them!


Taureans love to travel luxuriously. They’ll also burn the midnight oil till they earn that lifestyle. There is nothing in-between.


The world is an open book for them. The traveler wandering in the search of intellectual knowledge is the trademark of an Aquarian.

The International Travel Insurance covers all types of international travel risks. Be it lost baggage or a medical emergency, it’s an all-in-one packaged deal.


Practicality doesn’t come naturally to everyone making Capricorns easily misunderstood. But no matter what, they’ll make sure you reach home safely.


Friends and family are their strong suit. For those who matter, there is no a distance a Cancerian wouldn’t go, to be there for them.


Libras can’t stand being alone. They are a people’s person. So, guess who is bringing their 7-seater for the trip with their friends!

The Daily Commute Insurance covers all accidental injuries on the road. From walking to being behind the wheel, all injuries are taken care of, especially for those who care!

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