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What We Offer?

We are offering insurance solutions for your pet dogs to cover their medical expenses in case of accident or illness so that you can give them the best healthcare without worrying about expensive veterinary bills.

Benefits You Can Avail

Hospitalization Cover


IPD & OPD expenses cover

Long term care cover

Terminal illness cover

Surgery Expenses


Expenses up to ₹50K covered

Pre and Post surgery expenses

Treatment of fracture covered

Theft & Mortality

Theft/Loss/Straying cover

Third party liability cover

Mortality cover


A pet insurance plan or a pet cover acts like protection, to keep you financially supported in case of any accidents or illnesses involving your pet dog. Insurance companies offer these plans to enable you to give your pet the best possible care.

Pet dog insurance offers coverage to your pet in case of accidents, illnesses, and hospitalization. There are a host of optional covers that include theft/loss cover, long-term care cover, etc. that give you additional benefits.

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The biggest benefit of pet insurance for dogs is the fact that the insurance will empower you to avail yourself of the best of medical services to help your dog recover from illnesses and accidents. Further, this plan offers additional optional benefits such as support to look for your dog in case he/she goes missing, protection against third party legal liability due to third party injuries, property damage caused by your pet, and many more.

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Disclaimer: The premium of this insurance plan would depend upon the age, breed, and gender of the dog. The product information, including the scopes of cover, terms, conditions, exclusions, and limitations, available on the website is not intended to be exhaustive and is indicative in nature. Please read the sales brochure carefully before concluding a sale.

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