UX/UI/Visual Designer


About the Role:

We want a UX/UI/Visual Designer at Toffee Insurance.

Do you constantly bemoan the lack of a good aesthetic around you? Do you see a sign, logo, poster, or interface and think you can do better? Are you always considering ways that the real world needs better design? If you answered an emphatic “yes” to these questions, we would love to talk to you.
  • UI/UX/Visual Designer who is passionate about their craft and wants to make the world a better place through design.


  • If you did the following after getting hired, we’d say you were kicking … 30 days: You will ride shotgun on current projects to learn about our process, deliverables and start fine-tuning or detailing existing visual design compositions and style guides with some supervision of senior designers. 3 months: You will take the lead on some smaller products by replicating some of the existing patterns and creating their variants. 6 months: You will provide input on design through some user research. Also, help plan and monitor usability testing of your proposed design solutions. 1 year: You will take design ownership of the entire product category end to end, and help hire other stellar designers like yourself. You will keep yourself informed on the latest trends and tools to keep improving the visual design deliverables and style guides.

Application For UX/UI/Visual Designer

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