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No One is Safe Unless Everyone is Safe


This isn’t new, we have always known this. But to know something, and to have your life depend on it, those are two different things. The pandemic has really driven home the fact that our life depends on everyone’s wellbeing. It means not only keeping ourselves safe but in ensuring that everyone, in ever larger circles around our family, is safe.

Our domestic help, the next concentric circle to our family, whose well-being determines ours for so many reasons, must also be protected. Therefore, we are introducing health insurance for household help that is easy to buy, with simple monthly payments, and straightforward claims.

For a small sum, you protect their hard-earned savings (or yours, if you pay for their expenses), ensure the best care in premium facilities, and give them a mental peace of mind that a disease or injury to them or their family will not ruin their financial standing.

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