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What We Offer?

We are offering group insurance policies designed especially for students at schools, colleges, and coaching institutes in collaboration with the top insurers of India.

Benefits You Can Avail

Personal Accident

Death due to accident

Permanent disability

Temporary total disability

Hospitalisation Cover

In case of accidents

In-patient treatment cover

Fractures, stitches, burns

Other Medical

OPD for accidental injury

Child Education cover

Tele-consultation facility


– Suicide, attempt to Suicide or intentionally self- inflicted injury, sexually transmitted conditions, mental disorder, anxiety, stress, or depression.

– Being under influence of drugs, alcohol, or other intoxication or hallucinogens.


– Participation in actual or attempted felony, riot, civil commotion, crime misdemeanor.


– Committing any breach of law of land with criminal intent.


– Death or disablement resulting from Pregnancy or childbirth.


– Professional sports team in respect of specific benefit for inability to perform.


– Participation in any kind of motor speed contest.


– While engaged in aviation, or whilst mounting or dismounting from or traveling in any aircraft (Not applicable for fare paying passengers).


– Underground mining & contractor specializing in tunneling.


– Naval, military or air force personnel.


– Radioactivity, Nuclear risks, ionizing radiation.

It is a 24*7 coverage worldwide.

It is a reimbursement policy and here is why:

– The main coverage under Group Personal Accident Policy is the compensation for the accidental death & disability with an add-on Cover for Medical Expenses. Hence, cashless facility is not available.


– For accidental cases – services of nearby hospitals, clinics, nursing homes may be availed. If 24-hour hospitalisation is not required, the treatment can be taken in OPD. Group Mediclaim Policy covers hospitalisation expenses for more than 24-hour stay in network hospitals and approved hospitals. But in case of Group Personal Accident, you may take the treatment on OPD basis, in clinics also which shall be reimbursed under this policy as per terms & conditions.

Most group health insurance policies provide coverage for
coronavirus; however, you should check with your employer or
insurer regarding the coverage.

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Disclaimer: This website is solely for the purpose of capturing the interest of consumers. The product information, including the scopes of cover, terms, conditions, exclusions, and limitations, available on the website is not intended to be exhaustive and is indicative in nature. Please read the sales brochure carefully before concluding a sale. Tax Benefits would be available as per the prevailing Income Tax laws.

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