Zodiac signs freakishly summarise our personalities. That’s why we just can’t stop obsessing over them. From reading daily horoscope to finding our love match, we often casually consult and take decisions based on zodiac forecasts. So let’s find out which bite-sized insurance would your zodiac sign need and why? Insurance That Matches Your Zodiac Sign […]

We’ve all heard the epic Ramayana which shows us how good trumps evil, light overshadows darkness, and karma is a (you know what)! This festive season, we wanted to see how this tale would take shape in the present day scenario? Present-Day Ramayana, With A Millennial Twist! Let’s take, for instance… The time when Raavan […]

Be it Marvel or the DC universe, all Superheroes have 2 things in common.  No, this is no crazy fan theory. It’s a fact of life kinda thing. From ‘Mr. Ladies Guy’ – Iron Man to the evergreen Batman, all superheroes, no matter who, have 2 things in common. If you’re guessing ‘Superpowers‘, you couldn’t be […]

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