Celebrating a year-long partnership with #HeroCycles! Coming together is the beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” – Henry Ford. It’s been a year since Hero Cycles dealers all around the country started offering their customers a product that would change their world for the better. Insurance. No longer did Hero bicycle owners […]

  SCRATCHES: We live in dusty cities and our lenses don’t like dust. Ever rubbed your eyes after a tiny particle of dust went in? Yes? Imagine the plight of your specs. So whether walking down a dusty road or just sitting at home watching dust motes float in the air (you know you do that), […]

There is bag theft, There has always been bag theft, and There will always be bag theft. Remember: thieves want easy pickings. Don’t be easy pickings. Make it tough for them to steal your bag, and they’ll leave you alone.  Until we reach new-age crazy-sci-fi mind-reading theft-predicting technologies, here are a few hacks that will […]

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