Is it a good idea to postpone fun? What if work was fun? There’s a famous “marshmallow” experiment on little children to show the benefits of the ability to delay gratification. Basically, toddlers were offered one marshmallow immediately, or two if they were willing to wait a bit. The researchers found a correlation between those […]

Worried about the economic slowdown? Cutting purchases, tightening your belt?  Here’s the thing.  Bad luck doesn’t check the economy before hitting. Accidents, diseases, theft – none of them check the strength of the rupee before happening to you (in fact, a stressed economy may make it more likely that you experience all three factors! <read […]

A couple of much-discussed incidents recently have brought open the perception of Indian tourists. There is a fear that in many countries, the tourist industry views us as boorish – stealing and stocking up on freebies, being loud and pushy.  As with all stereotypes, this isn’t true of course of a vast majority of Indian […]

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