With less and six months of college life in your kitty and the placement season hovering, a sense of adulting has already crept in the surroundings of grad students. While some of you are preparing for postgrad the rest of you are itching to start work-life and fly out of the nest, physically and financially […]

If you think that winters are just another season to survive, then “You know nothing, Jon Snow”. According to a Johns Hopkins University report, people tend to gain five to seven pounds (2-3 kgs) on average during the winter months. Indeed, the vacation mood and holiday food are a tough pass. So, we have a […]

A very ‘warmed-up’ welcome to the all the fitness enthusiasts at the gym, the court, or even the field. You’ve all come a long way from sprawling on the couch to standing on your feet, upside-down, or in any other fancy position, practicing your fitness routine. Congratulations, again! Now that you’ve completed challenge one, i.e, […]

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