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Best Ways To Repel Mosquitoes Naturally

How To Repel Mosquitoes Naturally? A Universally Hated Blood-Sucking Species!

Bitter and blinded by these backbiting monsters (and other places too) we often end up keeping them at bay at the expense of our health. What you might not know is that there are better ways that effectively help repel mosquitoes naturally!

A typical demonstration of a bad repellent choice is the household usage of mosquito coils. These coils are left burning indoor all night, whereas their usage is strictly for open and semi-enclosed areas. Burning them releases smoke, metal fumes and particulate matter that causes damage to your lungs.

Fact: The smoke of one mosquito coil causes similar lung damage as 100 cigarettes!

Shocked? There is more…

Another example is the plug-in repellent liquids. These release vapourised chemicals in the air, which are closely related to the increase in breathing problems in infants and elders alike.

Not to forget, mosquito repellent lotions containing DEET- another harmful chemical hotly debated against, when found above 30% in the chemical composition.

Don’t press the panic button yet. It’s not yet a lost cause!

If you fight a war with weapons, you are bound to get injured. This is exactly why you should kill ‘em with kindness.

Here are a few weapons of kindness which will keep mosquitoes at bay, naturally…

Mosquito Repelling Essential Oils:

As much as we would love to see these bad boys go down, let’s step back, take a deep breath and calm down. Try imagining the fresh smell of lemongrass coming from your living room…

As pleasantly inviting as it sounds, mosquitoes, for one, happen to find this smell equally uninviting!

Yes, it’s that simple!

Just diffuse these essential oils in a burner to get a room that smells welcoming to your human friends and repel mosquitoes naturally.

Mosquito Repelling Plants:

If you are an environment lover, have the liking and patience for growing plants, which by the way are also great for indoor decor, we have good news. Certain plants are a blessing in disguise when it comes to keeping mosquitoes as well as bugs away away, faaaaaar away!

However, just like a magic wand doesn’t suit every wizard, not every plant can be grown by everyone. A plant can only be grown by hands that can provide them with suitable care. Since different plants vary in their caretaking properties and their availability near you, we’ll not play matchmaker and simply introduce you to them.

The Bug Repellent Potion:

Before you set out on the mission, here our secret magic potion to repel mosquitoes naturally. It’s super easy and works just as effectively!

You will need:

Following is the magic recipe to repel mosquitoes naturally:

Mix the above-mentioned oils in equal proportions. Add them to some water to the top of the diffuser and light it up for an aromatic room – san flies and mosquitoes. You can also play around with their proportion to customize how your potion smells.

Use these hacks for the kindest way to keep mosquitoes naturally away!

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