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8 Daily Travel Troubles Faced By All Commuters In India

We’ve been there, we’ve done that. Your daily travel troubles are not exclusive to you.

Traveling every day to work is not ‘Halua’. It’s a battlefield out there! You leave home every day hoping to get back in one piece. Those with strictly religious families would relate to how the traditional dahi-chini ceremony, before your daily travel is a matter of life and death, quite literally.

It’s a Kahani Ghar-Ghar-Ki kinda thing!

Cutting through the chase, like all Indian bikers do… Here are 8 ways to sum up India’s daily travel troubles.

1. Dabang Autowalas:

Indian Auto Travel Trouble
There lives a Chulbul Pandey in every Indian auto driver.

Their level of ‘Fear Factor’ knows no bounds (or traffic rules).  If they’re caught in the mood, you could be the next Chedi Singh!

2. The Road You ‘Should Not’ Have Taken!

Cyclist Travel Troubles
Speeding? Haste makes waste.

There is a mysterious phenomenon of everything falling out of place when you’re already running late, even if there is no explanation for it. We know that you know it. Also, damn you Maps(You’re the App that cried wolf)

3. Holy Cow(s), It’s a Moo Point!

Cows on Road Travel Troubles
*Honk-OK-Poops*… Right in the middle of the road!

You know it’s a road, we know it’s a road… But the cow doesn’t. So don’t blame the poor guy!

But when they give surprise visits on freeways, it’s bad news…

4. The F1 Cabbie:

Cab riders daily travel trouble
A SWOT Analysis of cab drivers would look something like this:

Strength: Presses *Located Client*- 2 km away from pick-up location.

Weakness: Gets a *Booking Cancelled*- 2 km before reaching pick-up location.

Opportunity: Running over red lights when there’s *No Police.*

Threats: Getting caught while running over red lights if there’s *Hidden Police.*

Meanwhile, if you get hurt on an ‘Opportunity’ gone wrong? Well, “The cabbie ain’t paying a penny, darling!”

5. Life in a Metro

Metro travel troubles
Yes, we’re all looking for an out… Without crashlanding, please?

Just like the life in a metro, even a ride in a metro is challenging to say the least. Our advice is,“Please mind the gap while boarding and deboarding the metro!

6. Bus, That’s it!

Bus travel troubles
You don’t know how hard you can push… until you get on an Indian bus!

From those riding them to those driving around them, the fear is unanimous. They also often make it to the headlines. We need not say more…

7. The Rickshaw Sank Redemption!

Travel Problem on rickshaw
These cute little guys are known for their madness.

Why go to an amusement park when you can experience the thrill while sitting behind a rickshawala? Because No Seat Belts! P.S. medical bills for broken bones aren’t as cheap as these rides…

8. Truck- What the…!

Truck daily travel problems
We left the beast for the last!

We know you’ve been waiting for this. How can we forget these giants who carry… god knows what not! If you’re caught in a situation with them, we won’t blame you because…

We’ve been there, We’ve done that!

Your daily travel problems may or may not have gotten you into trouble yet, but you never know when you might run out of luck. And unlike the fuel tank indicator, no needle will warn you in time from the unfateful event.

The bigger question here is, who’s to pay for the medical bills in case you are a victim of any of the above adventures? 

We advise you to get an insurance to cover these adventurous rides with Toffee’s Daily Commuter Insurance. Why trouble your finances because of someone else’s carelessness?!

Don’t let financial trouble, dear friend, be exclusive to you!

Be Responsible. Think Insurance. Get Toffee.


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