Backpack Insurance

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Get compensated for the theft of your backpack/rucksack/laptop bag for the next 6 months.

₹ 25 +


6 Months

Policy Duration

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What's covered?

What's not covered?

Repair of the backpack/rucksack/laptop bag due to damage or wear and tear is not covered.
Theft of content inside the backpack/rucksack/laptop bag is not covered.
There should have been some basic precaution taken to protect the bag at the time of theft. For example - the backpack should have been behind a closed door or a lock when it was stolen.
Only the original invoice and aadhaar is needed at the time of claim.
If your backpack/rucksack/laptop bag is stolen then you will be reimbursed upto the original invoice cost less a deductible of ₹250.
Zero depreciation applied at the time of claim.
This insurance is valid only for 6 months after the invoice date of purchase.
Original invoice required at the time of claim.