Daily Cash Plan

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A plan that provides daily cash to cover any expenses during hospitalisation

₹ 449 +

Annual Premium

1 Year

Policy Duration

What's covered?

What's not covered?

Sickness-related hospitalisation within 30 days of buying this policy is not covered. There is no waiting period for accident-related hospitalisation.
Hospitalisation due to any illnesses that you already have (pre-existing conditions) is covered after 48 months.
Individuals below 18 years and above 65 years are not eligible for this Toffee.
Participation in a dangerous activity or adventure sport is not covered.


Treatment at a healthcare facility which is NOT a Hospital is not covered.
Non-allopathic treatment is not covered.
Any expense due to pregnancy (directly or indirectly) is not covered.
Hospitalisation due to alcohol or drug abuse is not covered.
₹1000 per day payout for sickness and accident related hospitalisation
Up to 30 days of coverage.
30 day waiting period for claims related to sickness.
If you are hospitalised for any reason for more than 24 hours, you will get ₹1000 for each hospitalization day.
If you are hospitalised in ICU for more than 24 hours, you will get ₹2000 for each hospitalization day.
For hospitalisation less than 24 hours single day benefit is payable for selected day care procedures
You can be hospitalised multiple times in a year but they cannot exceed 30 days, which is the maximum days covered.