Keeping up with Unlock 1.0!

Feeling anxious post the lockdown? It’s very normal and very tough. These are upsetting times. Expressing your emotions in a healthy way is important, breathing and meditating and seeking help will go a long way. 

During this storm, it helps to have straightforward pointers to do the next right thing. Protect yourself, protect your family, and stop the virus in its tracks with these simple steps.

Don’t get it, don’t share it.

Social distancing, masks, staying home, avoiding crowds are obvious ways to keep the virus away. They also ensure that if you have it, even unknowingly, you don’t share it with others. If you do have any of the classic symptoms – cough, fever, shortness of breath – isolate yourself, immediately and thoroughly.

Washing hands every hour, removing and washing clothes as soon as you enter your home, disinfecting surfaces, masks, and anything touched by anyone, and keeping hands away from your face will all go a long way to protecting yourself and your family.

Plan ahead for a couple of years. This is a great time to take stock of what really matters.

What you really love and what you actually need. There will be risks ahead, and they can be addressed with a bit of financial planning. How well are you covered for a health emergency? Is your back up enough to take care of your family? At Toffee, we have worked hard through the lockdown to provide easy answers to these tough questions.

Stay tuned to get all the answers soon!

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